Topics I'm currently thinking about

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1) monetary reform - removing the power of banks to create money through debt.

A great book on this is out from the UK group Positive Money:

Here's an example interview with them:

2) direct democracy - as practiced in Switzerland for hundreds of years, and now being championed in Ireland by Ben Gilroy (

Here's a good recent speech by Ben:

I have heard about direct democracy before, but was prompted to renewed interest by a recent Bill Still video:

Rudolf Steiner

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My son recently moved to a Waldorf school - and is very happy there. This has lead me to taking an interest in Rudolf Steiner.

Although I've studied philosophy and taken an interest in many things, I had not really come across him before.

I find his attempt to unite spiritual and scientific thought very interesting - this was certainly a theme for me when growing up.

Currently I'm reading his autobiography. It has returned me to that very interesting time at the end of the 19th century when so many great figures and ideas were arising.

New shoots

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I'm in the middle of a mental roller-coaster ride at the moment - all connected with the USA.

It started with seeing the latest video on the 9/11 incident from architects and engineers:

There's much new information here since I last looked into the topic.

This lead me to two interesting people:

David Ray Griffin:
Peter Dale Scott:

This in turn led me to:

Alex Jones:
Jesse Ventura:

Then the occupy wall street movement started, which led me back to:

Michael Moore:
Mike Ruppert:

From there, I've been led to:

Bill Still:
Charles Eisenstein:

I feel like all of these people are opening up a different understanding of the past, and an interpretation of the crisis of capitalism.

Bill Still and Charles Eisenstein, I feel, point the way forward to a new kind of economic order.

So far so Mac

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I'm now experimenting with moving my development environment across to a Mac....

I use X-Windows to access my Linux server and run my favourite editor - Emacs.

This used to be a nightmare on a Mac - but now I've worked out how to fiddle with the keyboard settings (including changing the meta key mappings, and disabling the default "spaces" mappings for Ctrl-Left/Right keys) and things are good.

The Mac picked up my dual monitor setup (with code in a portrait monitor on the right) extremely easily. It's just as good as Xinerama!

I still find the mac a bit "mousey". Perhaps I'll find out all the keyboard shortcuts in time, though.

MacOSX Server

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I've decided to try and put all our group ware stuff onto a MacOSX server.

I don't like the idea of having everything on google. I thought the Mac would give a relatively painless way of replicating their stuff.

I bought a reconditioned mac mini server for this. When it arrived it wouldn't start up - it turned out the date hadn't been set correctly when it was refurbished.

Once that was fixed (Command-S when powering up drops you into a single-user shell) - the set up has been pretty good so far.

I now have a local DNS server and a Mail server that both work better than I've previously achieved by hand-sys-admining a Linux server.

Next tasks are to set up calendars, contacts and home directories.

I like the way the underpinnings are Unix. Things are familiar, and ultimately, configurable in the normal way. However there's also an easy-to-use admin system which makes it much quicker to get simple things done.

So far so good!

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