Churchill: A Study in Greatness

by Simon Email


By Geoffrey Best

I wanted to read a book on Churchill after hearing a play on Radio 4 during the run-up to D-Day.

It was about the time when Britain "wobbled" and Churchill was being pressed to start peace talks with Hitler.

The book was pretty good. There's a lot of material to cover and the book wasn't as long as most biographies of him.

A few things particularly struck me:

  • Churchill seems to have been involved in every major thing that happened between 1900 and 1950. He must have had an incredible insight into how the world worked then
  • He had a very "practical" turn of mind - and seemed to be able to cut through bureaucratic red tape. He seemed unusually keen on doing a good job - which is very hard to hold onto when you work in a big institution like a government
  • I liked the bit about the heated outdoor swimming pool at Chartwell, which was described as a "millionaire's" indulgence