by Simon Email


Went to see this last night.

It was a US blockbuster - not as bad as some. Luckily the underlying story is dramatic enough that they didn't have to completely reinvent it.

Greek stories certainly seem more interesting than Roman ones!

There were a few "motivations" which didn't really convince me:

  • Why did Hector let Paris and Helen stay as stowaways on his boat when leaving Sparta? He was all ready to turn the boat around, and then changed his mind.
  • Why did Paris and Helen stay in Troy? Being there was initially the cause of the war. Priam say it was as well to fight for Love, as money and land. But not very convincingly.
  • Why did Achilles go and fight for Agammenon - who he hated? Rather unconvincingly it was so that he would be famous down the ages. It sounds like a Bowie song!

Other general observations:

  • Religion seems the villain - every time Priam agrees with the priests, something goes wrong
  • Achilles soldiers look like a SWAT team, and the Troy landing looked like D-Day.

Here's the Gutenburg version of the Illiad: