Dell customer "care"

by Simon Email


We just ordered a system from Dell, and I was reminded of a previous bad experience.

Their website is great - you can configure and order your system online. The prices and specs aren't bad either.

*However* - once you've submitted your order you get an "Internet Reference" number. This is only shown on the screen and not emailed to you.

You cannot see the order status until this has been "entered into their order system". What kind of integration do they have in their own systems?

5 days later and the order has still not been entered on their system! Still no email response!

Any other online company we order from:

i) gives instant email response to an order
ii) converts and internet request into a "real" order immediately
iii) continues to give you feedback about the progress of your order

It's amazing to me that a successful, technology company like Dell - sure pioneers in so many ways - is so primitive in this part of their order fulfillment.

Last time we ordered a system we were so frustrated we cancelled it and got a system from Evesham Micros ( instead.