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I'd like to suggest a direction for LibSecondLife-Java There are some factors behind this suggestion: *) LibSecondLife has been built rather piecemeal, and includes "messy" code and unclear abstracti… more »

SecondLife thoughts

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What makes SecondLife (and other metaverses) different? A shared experience... the simulator state is shared by all the visitors. Here web-interactivity, which is essentially solitary, becomes social. We emerge blinking through the other side of o… more »


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I recently got interested in SecondLife through a client. There's no official SDK for the system so some people have hacked the message protocol and produced a library to build alternative viewers and other applications - this is called LibSecondlife.… more »


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Another "hot" topic I read about last week. It reminds me of other "hot" technologies I've come across in the past - such as "business objects", "drag and drop interfaces", "client-server" People seem to go crazy about something, then move on afte… more »


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As part of my research last week, I was reading up on Java frameworks - such as Struts and Hibernate. As it's been a while since I've looked into these things, I found the Wikipedia articles to be really useful… more »

Making money from stuff

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One of the systems I work on is a music download site ( This has brought into sharp relief the question of how you can make money as a content creator on the internet. Everything is free! Websites, software products, information, mu… more »


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I've been flat out for the last couple of years - moving house, looking after my children, and building software systems. This last week I had a bit of enforced leisure time - and realised how "stale" my thinking has become. I've got so caught… more »

Blog is back!

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I've decided to resurrect my blog after 2 years. I had to close the original one down because I was being inundated with calls from spamming sites which was jamming my servers. I hope it doesn't happen again! Unfortunately I can't seem to locate… more »