by Simon Email

I'd like to suggest a direction for LibSecondLife-Java

There are some factors behind this suggestion:

*) LibSecondLife has been built rather piecemeal, and includes "messy" code and unclear abstractions
*) Linden have released an open source version of their viewer since the initial port was done
*) there are other 3D worlds which may join SecondLife to produce the 3D web

I think that we should:

1) continue to use the "lower level" classes from LibSecondLife - i.e. the packets and messaging parts

2) develop a clearer class library representing the main entities in SecondLife - i.e. regions, avatars etc...

3) make the library "plugable" so that it could eventually support alternative 3D worlds

Any comments are gratefully received.

In the meantime could we try to assemble a list of candidate classes for 2)?

I will do so myself by looking at both LibSecondLife and the Open Sourced viewer.