Startup Crazy

by Simon Email

My life seems to be full of startups these days... it seems that London is awash with them.

Most are concerned with social networking and are caught in the tail wind of the mega sites like Facebook and Flickr.

It all reminds me of my own experiences back in 1999 trying to do my own startup (FillMySpace - an idea before its time? Modelled on the US site Homestead and prefiguring MySpace in some ways).

In the current bout of startups and advising and thinking about the whole thing I've come across some really interesting thoughts from others:

Getting Real - by 37 signals (who invented the Rails framework).

Full of sage advice - basically keep it lean and mean. A philosophy I've always adhered to.

Also a great blog by Marc Andriessen of Netscape fame:

He has the time (and money!) and generosity to share his hard-won wisdom. I've really enjoyed reading articles on startups, hiring and venture capitalists.

It's funny to compare the silicon-valley-based experience in these books/blogs with what's happening in London/UK at the moment.

Most of the ones I've come across are not looking for venture capital - at least in the short term - and are funding stuff with their own money.

This might be a reflection of the lowering costs of starting up an IT operation these days.