"Discovering" Permaculture

by Simon Email

I recently "discovered" permaculture - through reading about Ben Law's self-build house.

It wasn't a term I'd come across before - and it's at least 30 years old.

There's nothing particularly "new" about it - but it combines a load of ideas under a single title - most of which I've come across and been interested in before.

A "new" one for me was the concept of the "Permaculture Design Course". At first this seemed odd - I associated "design" with designing fashionable looking objects out of plastic or metal.

In fact the "design" is of how to arrange your life so that you live sustainably. In particular, which interests me most, how to design your house and surrounding land so that you can grow your own food, generate your own electricity and maintain a healthy ecology of plants and animals.

I've been an (very) amateur allotment holder for many years. The permaculture ideas are inspiring me to look afresh at our garden and the small plot of allotment land we have.