MacOSX Server

by admin Email

I've decided to try and put all our group ware stuff onto a MacOSX server.

I don't like the idea of having everything on google. I thought the Mac would give a relatively painless way of replicating their stuff.

I bought a reconditioned mac mini server for this. When it arrived it wouldn't start up - it turned out the date hadn't been set correctly when it was refurbished.

Once that was fixed (Command-S when powering up drops you into a single-user shell) - the set up has been pretty good so far.

I now have a local DNS server and a Mail server that both work better than I've previously achieved by hand-sys-admining a Linux server.

Next tasks are to set up calendars, contacts and home directories.

I like the way the underpinnings are Unix. Things are familiar, and ultimately, configurable in the normal way. However there's also an easy-to-use admin system which makes it much quicker to get simple things done.

So far so good!