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Topics I'm currently thinking about

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1) monetary reform - removing the power of banks to create money through debt. A great book on this is out from the UK group Positive Money: Here's an example interview with them: http://www.r… more »

New shoots

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I'm in the middle of a mental roller-coaster ride at the moment - all connected with the USA. It started with seeing the latest video on the 9/11 incident from architects and engineers: There's much new information here s… more »

So far so Mac

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I'm now experimenting with moving my development environment across to a Mac....I use X-Windows to access my Linux server and run my favourite editor - Emacs.This used to be a nightmare on a Mac - but now I've worked out how to fiddle with the ke… more »

MacOSX Server

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I've decided to try and put all our group ware stuff onto a MacOSX server.I don't like the idea of having everything on google. I thought the Mac would give a relatively painless way of replicating their stuff.I bought a reconditioned mac mini se… more »

David Torn website

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A very cool website. I like the link "less info"! more »

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