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Email Certificates

by Simon Email

I got a free certificate from CACert for my emails. This sounds like a nice idea - you can authenticate your emails as coming from you by "signing" them. What's also nice is that CACert is free! Unfortunately they are not installed as "Trusted"… more »

XEmacs Blogging

by Simon Email

I'd really like to be able to blog from within XEmacs - which is where I most like to work. I just tried downloading and installing the blogger.el script from here I eventually got it in - by copying the .el files to… more »

Symbian RSS reader

by Simon Email

Nice to have! Although it might chew up the bandwidth.... more »

Blogging Spamming - article in Wired

by Simon Email

Maybe I spoke too soon about RSS and spammers... I just visited the new weblog list at and was saddened to see that most of the blogs seem to be porn-related, and probably machine-generated, as several were the same.… more »

Semantic Web

by Simon Email

Just been reading some interesting articles on the "Semantic Web" (term originated by Berners Lee). XML seemed an obvious extension of HTML - you could invent your own syntax. RDF seems an obvious extension of this - you can express object relation… more »

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