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Bargemon, Claviers, Callas

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We visited these charming villages in Haute-Vars, Provence yesterday. They are typical old stone "village perches" set in calm mountains full of pines and olive trees. I particularly liked Bargemon, which has very good, soft spring water. The town it… more »

OS of the OSK - or the Ongoing Saga of the On Screen Keyboard

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How did we get to the point where the "state of the art" phones now use on screen keyboards as their input mechanism? We've had experiments along the way: 1) physical flip-up keyboards 2) handwriting recognition (e.g. graffitti on the palm) 3) vo… more »

No comment :-(

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I'm afraid I have to disable comments on this blog - again. It hasn't taken the spammers long to find it and start filling it with links to their spam sites. If you're a spammer - please STOP DOING THIS! It's really annoying that real people can't co… more »

More geek chat

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I'm loving the archives of Nerd TV so much I'm on the hunt for more of the same. Perhaps I should have moved to Silicon Valley after all - I'm feeling rather isolated from the whole buzz at the moment. One of my clients is in Palo Alto at the moment,… more »

MacPaint and Quickdraw source code

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Surprisingly readable.. although it would take some work to really understand the assembler stuff. more »

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