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My learning style

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Maybe it's just me... but I'm finding the information in the Android SDK docs (particularly the Development Guide stuff) much more useful than the "learn-by-code-example" O'Reilly "Android Application Development" book. If I know the architecture and r… more »

Android Programming

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So far - so fun. The platform seems to "make sense" - making use of all kinds of existing technologies and patterns. It seems to combine lots of wisdom from other mobile and general programming frameworks. It makes much more sense to me than the iP… more »

Transcripts of the Old Bailey 1674-1913

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Lots of interesting things on this site - not least reading the way "real" people used to speak in the past. more »

Supreme Court

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This is a fascinating new institution in the UK. I've visited the building itself - it is very open to the public. Gresham college has had two lectures recently on the subject: http:/… more »

Gresham College Lecture on Portugal

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This is an interesting and very enjoyably presented lecture from Gresham college about the history links between England and Portugal, going back to a treaty in the 14th Century. I've been listening to lectures from Gresham for the last couple of years… more »

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