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Thrift and the younger generation

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I was speaking to one of my older clients the other day. We were discussing the  "austerity" that the UK is going through. He said he remembered as a child that people who bought "shop cakes" were considered to have "money to burn". The idea of buyin… more »

Ubiquitous Computing

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One of Xerox Parc's "future predictions" was for "ubiquitous" computing.   The idea was that you wandered around the place, and computing devices nearby registered who you were and brought your personalised content to you - a wall in an office might… more »

Aubrey House

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I used to live near this and regularly cycled past. I used to find the view through the front gate particularly intriguing, as beyond it seemed to be a secret place of a far larger scale than the surrounding buildings all hemmed in tightly in this dens… more »

Napster and Squeezebox

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I just hooked up Napster and Squeezebox as our house music system. I grew up thinking you had to amass a "record collection". Then you had to amass a "CD collection". Then an "MP3 collection". Now you can throw it all away. All my children will… more »

Upgrade nightmare FC7->FC10

by Simon Email

Just upgraded a workstation from FC7->FC10. What a nightmare! Loads of stuff doesn't work - mainly around the X drivers. more »

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