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Tranquil PC #4

by Simon Email

So far... the box seems capable enough to replace my noisy non-green Dell server. It isn't silent - you can hear the CPU fan, and the hard disk, but it's pretty quiet. Also it gets quite hot, although not worryingly so. I wish it had more acc… more »

Tranquil PC #5

by Simon Email

Upgraded to kernel and now the inbuilt r8169 driver works! more »

Tranquil PC #3

by Simon Email

Software nightmare!! The drivers for the network card in the kernel (Realtek r8169) don't work properly. I had to download the correct drivers from Realtek (r8168) and compile, and try to disable the built-in ones. Finally did this using /etc/mo… more »

Silence at last?

by Simon Email

Just received a Tranquil PC Very small - and hopefully very quiet, to replace my "quiet" Dell PowerEdge - which currently fills my office with horrible noise. more »


by Simon Email

After using a bit and feeling confused - particularly by the weird looking syntax - I've been reading about the Javascript library jQuery. Understanding it requires both learning about some of the more obscure parts of Javascript syntax, and thinking… more »

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