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Very important article on Javascript Hijacking in AJAX

by Simon Email

Server-side Javascript?

by Simon Email

The more I learn about Javascript, the more I like it. Could it be used server-side as well as client-side? It has closures, like Ruby, but has a nice regular syntax like Java. What's holding it back? more »


by Simon Email

I'd like to suggest a direction for LibSecondLife-Java There are some factors behind this suggestion: *) LibSecondLife has been built rather piecemeal, and includes "messy" code and unclear abstracti… more »

SecondLife thoughts

by admin Email

What makes SecondLife (and other metaverses) different? A shared experience... the simulator state is shared by all the visitors. Here web-interactivity, which is essentially solitary, becomes social. We emerge blinking through the other side of o… more »


by Simon Email

I recently got interested in SecondLife through a client. There's no official SDK for the system so some people have hacked the message protocol and produced a library to build alternative viewers and other applications - this is called LibSecondlife.… more »

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