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Redhat Fedora 2 and IPV6

by Simon Email

Interesting quote in latest Mozilla Readme: Users of Fedora Core 2 may experience unusually long delays in resolving hostnames. This results from the fact that IPv6 is enabled by default in Fedora Core 2. If you do not need IPv6 support (which is most… more »

Noisy Evesham!

by Simon Email

Our new Evesham server turned out to have a very noisy fan. Searching on the internet revealed others complaining of this also. I contacted Evesham and was told it was "necessary" as the CPU needed to be kept cool. The fan was *very* noisy - almost… more »


by Simon Email

I'm very reluctant to use 3rd party software - often it can cause more problems than it solves. However Torque looks very useful - it generates SQL and Java from and XML-based schema definition. It uses Velocity templates to control the Java genera… more »

New Linux Server

by Simon Email

We finally settled on a server from Evesham - good customer service as usual, although the machine's fan is pretty noisy. The machine we got had an Intel server mother board with "Serial ATA" boards. This means that older versions of Linux don't su… more »

Developing Series 60 Applications

by Simon Email

I'm brushing up my Symbian programming with this book. Symbian is an OS that runs on most "Smartphones" these days. The book is very good, but programming for the OS is pretty hard. I ported my scripting language Simkin (… more »

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