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Tranquil PC #4

by Simon Email

Initial impressions: very small (size of a computer manual) very quiet (can only hear the hard disk) hot (not hugely - rather like a hot water bottle) quick more »

Tranquil PC #2

by Simon Email

So far so fiddly... I've had to put the RAM and hard disk in myself. The motherboard fits very tightly into the strong metal case. The mobo is very small, so it's a real fiddle to get the RAM in. Eventually got the hard disk in, and then fiddled… more »

Le Carre

by admin Email

I'm in an a John Le Carre reading-fest at the moment. I like his mixture of "derring-do" and prosaicness. I've left it so long to read them because I was put off by the TV series - which seemed impenetrable to me when I was young - and by the assoc… more »


by Simon Email

I'd like to suggest a direction for LibSecondLife-Java There are some factors behind this suggestion: *) LibSecondLife has been built rather piecemeal, and includes "messy" code and unclear abstracti… more »

by Simon Email

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