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Rudolf Steiner

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My son recently moved to a Waldorf school - and is very happy there. This has lead me to taking an interest in Rudolf Steiner. Although I've studied philosophy and taken an interest in many things, I had not really come across him before. I find h… more »

New shoots

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I'm in the middle of a mental roller-coaster ride at the moment - all connected with the USA. It started with seeing the latest video on the 9/11 incident from architects and engineers: There's much new information here s… more »

Neil Stephenson uses emacs

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And so do I :-)   more »

Sarfraz Manz

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This guy has a great personality and voice for radio. I always look forward to his programmes. more »

Bram Cohen

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Another interesting programmer! He's invented BitTorrent ( - which is a kind of P2P file sharing network for distributing very large files. Similar to work I did for a company called PushTV - except that was a cen… more »

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