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Bargemon, Claviers, Callas

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We visited these charming villages in Haute-Vars, Provence yesterday. They are typical old stone "village perches" set in calm mountains full of pines and olive trees. I particularly liked Bargemon, which has very good, soft spring water. The town it… more »

Aubrey House

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I used to live near this and regularly cycled past. I used to find the view through the front gate particularly intriguing, as beyond it seemed to be a secret place of a far larger scale than the surrounding buildings all hemmed in tightly in this dens… more »

Penns in the rocks

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We visited this lovely house near Groombridge on the weekend. It has lovely views and some dramatic rocks that are typical of this area. more »

Napoleon and Small islands

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I had an interesting prolonged internet trawl over the last couple of days. It goes to show how you can be taken on some interesting journeys... It started with a nice facebook picture (not sure how I got there..) of Elba:… more »


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We just spent a very pleasant holiday in Tuscany, Italy. We stayed in a farmhouse in the hills on the edge of Chianti, and then in Florence. It seems a very modern place - motorways and factories - and also a very ancient place. The countryside in… more »

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