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Yalding organic gardens

by Simon Email

For an allotment lover like me - this is an interesting place. They are very serious about growing things organically - no chemicals, and hardly any watering. If I had the space, I would also grow comfrey and make my own liquid fertilizer! Some… more »


by Simon Email

This is a small village on a hill in Kent. There's a nice churche in the centre at the top of the hill with some very old wooden carvings (c 15th century) of local notables on their tombs. The atmosphere within the church is very calm - good for me… more »

Noss Mayo, Devon

by Simon Email

A charming secluded village on a river estuary in Devon. The river disappears at low tide, so you can walk across to Newton Ferres. The sides of the estuary are steep and the houses cling to them. High above the houses you can see fields with cows!… more »

Romney Marsh

by Simon Email

An amazing place I visited by bike a few weeks back. It's on the south coast of England, and has been reclaimed from the sea over many years. Rather like Holland it's very flat, and full of dykes and dams. It's very peaceful - I kept seeing happ… more »

Ightham Mote

by Simon Email

We visited Ightham Mote (try spelling that after a glass of wine!) just south of London yesterday. It's a very atmospheric place with a "Tudor" feel. It has a moat, suits of armour, and very old carved wood all over the walls. more »

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