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OS of the OSK - or the Ongoing Saga of the On Screen Keyboard

by admin Email

How did we get to the point where the "state of the art" phones now use on screen keyboards as their input mechanism? We've had experiments along the way: 1) physical flip-up keyboards 2) handwriting recognition (e.g. graffitti on the palm) 3) vo… more »

Dell customer "care less"

by Simon Email

After waiting more days for feedback from Dell, we've cancelled the system order. We ordered online from Evesham ( once again - got a better system cheaper. They sent an email confirmation, and shortly after someone phoned… more »

Dell customer "care"

by Simon Email

We just ordered a system from Dell, and I was reminded of a previous bad experience. Their website is great - you can configure and order your system online. The prices and specs aren't bad either. *However* - once you've submitted your order you g… more »