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A fork in the road

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I've been thinking a lot about a fork in the road I took about 11 years ago. I'd finished working at a company, having help develop a product which was gaining popularity, and the company looked set to become a real success. I wanted to try something… more »

Walking the dog

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We got a dog a few months ago, and it's my daily task to take it for a walk. Luckily we live near the Tunbridge Wells "common" - 256 acres of woodland and grassland. This is a kind of paradise for dogs, and their walkers a… more »

William White

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My father-in-law William White died yesterday. He'd been ill for a while, so his passing wasn't a big shock - but I haven't had time to come to terms with it yet. I enjoyed my relationship with him. He was a quiet, gentle person who didn't talk muc… more »