Blog is back!

by Simon Email

I've decided to resurrect my blog after 2 years.

I had to close the original one down because I was being inundated with calls from spamming sites which was jamming my servers.

I hope it doesn't happen again!

Unfortunately I can't seem to locate the images that were on the blog... I'll keep looking.

by Simon Email

by Simon Email

Centre for Alternative Technology

by Simon Email

The Party's Over - Richard Heinberg

by Simon Email


I found this book fascinating, and also horrendous. I couldn't put it down, and am still thinking about it a lot of the time.

A few years ago a client introduced me to the importance of oil in world affairs - I naively hadn't appreciated it before that.

This book gives a very clear account of how central energy resources in general are to the functioning of all ecologies - which includes human civilisation.

The author gives a convincing account of how history can be told in terms of varying degrees of access, and conflicts over access to energy.

In recent times fossil fuels, in particular oil, have allowed our civilisation to grow enormously. Almost all aspects of the modern world, especially globalisation, rely on the availability of cheap energy.

However fossil fuels are finite, and we will run out. The book suggests this will happen within the new few decades.

The consequences will be enormous and will reach into every area of our lives. Without fossil fuels, the planet can only support a fraction of the current human population.

The book is horrendous, as the future he maps out is like looking into the abyss.

Our options are fast running out, and a softer landing require the kind of sacrifices, altruism and global concensus that seems very hard to imagine us achieving.

The more realistic alternative is that we will suffer as populations have done when their prime energy resource becomes depleted by over consumption - decimation. The only is that in several generations we may emerge in some kind of balance with the environment.

The nightmare is made worse by the prospect of resource wars - with the US being the country with the most energy needs, and the most military might.

I have a young daughter who will be in her early twenties when the problems will be getting particularly extreme. I worry for her. How can I prepare her to cope?

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