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Supreme Court

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This is a fascinating new institution in the UK.

I've visited the building itself - it is very open to the public.

Gresham college has had two lectures recently on the subject:

Gresham College Lecture on Portugal

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This is an interesting and very enjoyably presented lecture from Gresham college about the history links between England and Portugal, going back to a treaty in the 14th Century.

I've been listening to lectures from Gresham for the last couple of years - it's a great free resource of education in the City of London, and has been running since the 17th Century.

I wish I had time to physically go to one of their lectures - perhaps when I'm older and less busy. I hope they keep going until then!

Thrift and the younger generation

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I was speaking to one of my older clients the other day. We were discussing the  "austerity" that the UK is going through.

He said he remembered as a child that people who bought "shop cakes" were considered to have "money to burn".

The idea of buying something you could make yourself was seen as spendthrift and wasteful.

For those of us who remember that, a return to austerity and "make do and mend" has a benefit of nostalgia for our youth, which might offset some of the inconvenience and hard work entailed.

What must it be like for the younger generations, who have lived through the consumerist bonanza? They may never have seen anyone make a cake, or heard anyone express views about being careful with money.

For them, it may seem like the advent of a hostile, unpleasant way of life, with none of the happy memories of childhood.

Aphrodite's Child

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Never heard of them before... highlights:

*) band had Demis Roussos and Vangelis!

*) it sold 20 million albums!

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