Tranquil PC #4

by Simon Email

So far...

the box seems capable enough to replace my noisy non-green Dell server.

It isn't silent - you can hear the CPU fan, and the hard disk, but it's pretty quiet.

Also it gets quite hot, although not worryingly so.

I wish it had more accessible usb ports, perhaps at the front...

Tranquil PC #5

by Simon Email

Upgraded to kernel and now the inbuilt r8169 driver works!

Tranquil PC #4

by Simon Email

Initial impressions:

very small (size of a computer manual)
very quiet (can only hear the hard disk)
hot (not hugely - rather like a hot water bottle)

Tranquil PC #3

by Simon Email

Software nightmare!!

The drivers for the network card in the kernel (Realtek r8169) don't work properly.

I had to download the correct drivers from Realtek (r8168) and compile, and try to disable the built-in ones.

Finally did this using /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-network:

blacklist r8169

Tranquil PC #2

by Simon Email

So far so fiddly...

I've had to put the RAM and hard disk in myself.

The motherboard fits very tightly into the strong metal case.

The mobo is very small, so it's a real fiddle to get the RAM in. Eventually got the hard disk in, and then fiddled to get the cables into the right places to fit the whole thing back together.

Now to try and install Linux...

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