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Benjamin Walter [Visitor]
I hope something like this can get started, I'd like to create some simple bots in Java but my understanding of the networking involved to get the groundwork done is a bit limited. Would be willing to try to help though.
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Dell Hell [Visitor]
My story of pain in dell hell. Learn from it and DONT BUY DELL!!!!

1) I ordered a dell notebook on july 3rd and opened a DELL PREFERRED ACCOUNT (DPA)

2) I had cancelled the DPA on july 4th 2007 , within 24 hours and
authorised dell to charge my credit card.

3) The machine was shipped 2 months late than expected. I was PROMISED a
credit of 150 dollars for price match and 75 dollars for late shipment.

4) Dell Never charged my credit card and instead posted the charges on
the DPA account which had been closed already.

5) I have called dell repeatedly and explained the situation. Yestarday Sandy assured me he took care of the case and moved the charges from my DPA account to my credit card.

6) I received a insulting call from DFS collection department. Guy was
very rude and threatened me about ruining my credit history if I didnt
pay today

Amazing what DELL CAN DO TO YOU for being a customer.

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In response to: Monty Don

Sue Marsh [Visitor]
4, Overbury Road,
Off Aylestone Hill,

Tel. 01432 341414

5th October,, 2007 e.mail

Dear Monty Don,

Ref: Cancer Research UK event 20th October 2007

I am writing this letter to you in connection with a fundraising event we are holding in Hereford on the above date. We would be very grateful if you could spare a moment to read our request. We realise this is late in the day for a letter such as this but are keeping our fingers crossed that you may be able to help us out here.

The above charity is being held in High Town Hereford on Saturday 20th October from 9am – 5pm. We are a newly formed committee called “The Hereford Stars” recently inspired by our achievements in the Race for life in July 2007 on Hereford Racecourse, whereby 3 of us raised an amazing £3,300 !! We were so pleased with our efforts we decided to form a committee in the city and raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause. Since forming this small team of just the 3 of us, many people we have spoken to have asked if they too could join our group! So now we are a committee of 22!! All keen and eager to raise the pennies. The funds raised on this day will all go towards the research into cancer, so we really hope to raise £100’s. My personal reason for helping this charity is because I have had breast cancer myself, my husband had bowel cancer and my father had bladder cancer, all within the space of 2 years and at the same time we were self employed so had to continue running a business aswell. Infact 10 of my side of the family have had cancer of a kind so I would very much like to raise lots of money for this cause, we hope you will be able to help us out on the day.

The day in October will be amazing, just hope the weather is on our side. At the end of the day we are releasing 1000 helium filled pink balloons along with (fingers crossed ) a celebrity which is where you come in – we would be extremely grateful if you could attend the event for an hour or two to help us release the balloons which would be at the end of the day (3pm – 5pm) . During the 8 hours in high town we are able to sell the balloon tickets to the public for £1 each also the raffle tickets we are selling on the day and in the shops/offices/salons/restaurants/public houses around town. These too are just £1 each. There will also be two other games going on under the stand – my son is organising a “guess the amount of sweets in the jar” for 50p per go, again with a few prizes for the winners. The other is a quiz of “True or False” and this too has a prize or two for the winners. . The prizes we have received so far off the shops in town are truly fantastic. Such items as :- guitar, bongo drums, electronic sweeper, vouchers for salons, pubs, restaurants, heated electronic rollers, cd’s, lamps, sweets, toaster, car tools, ornaments, jewellery, celebrity signed photo autographs, cycle helmets etc etc etc. Infact so far about 80 prizes in total with still more to come. The person that buys the balloon in Hereford that goes the furthest will receive a top prize and the person who finds the balloon will also receive a decent prize too. The rest of the gifts will be raffled off to the public with the draw tickets sold.

Argos have donated a gazebo for us to use at the event encase of rain, Marks & Spencer are loaning us the cages for the day to keep the balloons on the ground. So many businesses have helped us out with this event, everyone is so kind.

So what more can I tell you about us – my friend Sarah Cook is the secretary of the committee, my daughter Felicity Marsh is the artist in our team. Leighton Marsh, my eldest son is the photographer, our bank manager Steve Cooper from Nat West is the treasurer and myself Sue Marsh the Chairperson. Besides which we have 15 other members of the group. Our ID number is 400166410 and the reg charity number is 1089464 – both these numbers allocated to Sarah Cook (the secretary) who has organised the whole event.

We are looking for substantial prizes now, and your attendance would be more than adequate. We hope sincerely that yourself or any of your friends and family will be able to attend the balloon day and join in with all the fun. You won’t be able to miss us in High Town, everyone in the team is supposed to be wearing “pink”. An alternative ladies fashion shop (Moll Flanders) is kitting us out for the day in pink tu tus – even the men in the team, also we will be wearing pink wigs, hats, starry headbands and all sorts so do come along if you can!

May I take this opportunity to thank you all in advance for your time and hope we will meet each other at some point. If there are any further questions regarding the event then please do not hesitate to contact myself or my secretary, Sarah Cook on Tel. 01885 488427 and her email is

Thank you once more for your time,

Yours Sincerely,

S. D. Marsh (Mrs)
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Tricia [Visitor]
just read your comments on Tuscany. Me and my family, we were 10 all in all, spent a wonderful holiday in TUscany. We rented a wonderful Tuscan farmhouse through They were great because they know every house they have on their website. Awsome!
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In response to: Dell customer "care"

Damien Jorgensen [Visitor] ·
I like dell, use a dell precesion at work, it works like a dream!
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In response to: Dell customer "care"

ehab rezk [Visitor]
i had bought an laptop dell xps1210 aweek ago
but i donnot know first thing they had got my name spelling wrong
then i order 120G hard drive but it 100G in my coputer information
andther is no audio device installed in my lap top which i try to install it but there is incombitabillity issues with no solution
the last thing that you have abad tech, support.comunication for about 6 time i was calling and i had to wait more than one houer with no answer,finally my system has avery very slw performance,and respond to thethe orders althought all the other programs are closed
express servic code is 20002202641
cust no 081085613
order no 557783126
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danny [Visitor]
Keep it alive please. I prefer Java too and i think there will be need for a slick library for those who don't like to browse monumental sourcecode of a complete client.
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In response to: Monty Don

Ravi Paul [Visitor]
Dear Mr Monty Don

I am hoping to start an organic garden for
our school in Hereford. We have had some
beds but with over 250 children there is
too little space for all the children to
have a go. We would like your advice as
to how much space would be needed for
so many children to have their own growing
space but have been unable to find e-mail
addres for you.

Would be very glad for you to contact me on
the e-mail address above.
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In response to: SecondLife thoughts

admin [Member]
Look at this:
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In response to: Ideas

Simon [Member] ·
That could be a good thing. It has certainly helped me having time to "think outside the box".

It's a bit like having the time to be able to go out for a walk, and get away from the office for a while!
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Yasir Assam [Visitor] ·
Do you think it's important for people like us (freelance programmers) to give a certain amount of time to learning and thinking about new tech?

Maybe we should treat ourselves like Google does its developers - give ourselves 1 day a week to work on whatever we want!
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admin [Member]
It's already happening: Sears are doing it:
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In response to:

Simon [Member] ·
It came with b2evolution, which is the software running my blog
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Destiny Pechetti [Visitor] ·
Hi, you have cool blog-skin, it's blog default style or you made it yourself?
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Joe D. Yoke [Visitor]
A $1500.00 Dell computer system was ordered in early December. It was scheduled for delivery on December 17, 2005. On December 19th I called to check on the order since it had not been delivered. The message from the automated service was that the order had been cancelled. After many attempts to reach a live person I finally did get someone on the telephone. They confirmed that the order had been cancelled but added that the order was reinstated the next day. The computer was delivered on December 29th. The original order specified Norton Anti Virus. The computer came with McAfee. Several hours have been spent on the telephone to get Dell's mistake corrected.
Finally, after going through 4 people, I got a supervisor who said that she had given me a $50.00 credit to order the Norton Anti Virus. I was told to just log onto www.Del.Com and place the order and put in the gift card number that she had given me. Unfortunately, when I do this it tells me that the gift card number is invalid. I have called Dell many times to get the problem corrected without any success. It is nearly impossible to get throuth the automated telephone system!!! How can this simple problem be corrected so I can receive the Norton Anti Virus that was ordered in the first place?

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In response to: Noss Mayo, Devon

Charlotte Slade [Visitor]
I love Newton Ferres, I've been going there since I was 7 years old and have stayed in loads of the cottages. The Dolpin pub and the rest of the village has to much character in such a peaceful area. I love it.
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In response to: Noss Mayo, Devon

Benjamin Oettel [Visitor] · http://Visiting newton ferres
I was very amazed to find these website. these summer i was travelling with a interrail ticket in England. i stand a three days in Newton Ferres, it was a very nice (an quiet) village. so i am very happy to see the picuters in the internet,from the bay of newton ferres.

Your sincerity

Benjamin Oettel with nice greatings form Germany
(Sorry for my mistakes) :)
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In response to: Tuscany

Simon [Member] ·
I like your blog - I'm a parent as well, and was interested in your comments on reading and the Montessori school.
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In response to: Tuscany

Greg [Visitor] ·
Hi, I just found your site from checking the b2evolution website.

My wife and I spent an excellent week's holiday in Tuscany, staying just outside Montepulciano. We consider it one of our best holidays ever as it was totally relaxing. We just spent the time touring the countryside sitting outside cafes in town squares and drinking wine; marvellous stuff.
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